November 28, 2008. Well, I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful day. I, for one, will not be eating again until at least Sunday or Monday. I also hope we will all keep a place in our hearts for those who have less to be thankful for than we do. After a brief break for that turkey of a shot yesterday, it's time for the finale shot from Way, Way, Way Off Broadway. I give you Elvi #4, #5, #6 and #3 (again). Incidentally, the turkey is just fine. Around here, turkeys are as common (and just as pesty) as fleas on a junkyard dog. Earlier in the fall there was a flock of about thirty that passed through the yard every morning and evening on their feeding tour. They tear up the garden something awful, but to my way of thinking, they were here first, so we put up with the ugly things. - blackstrat
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